Putting the Focus on You

Our mission is to develop long-term relationships with our clients by providing exceptional legal counsel and creating a collaborative resolution experience based on trust and confidence.

At The Gottfried Firm, David Gottfried, an “AV” rated lawyer in Martindale-Hubbell, brings a comprehensive approach to problem solving through his experience as a skilled negotiator, intuitive listener and assertive trial lawyer. He engages his clients in a holistic analysis of their financial and personal goals.  He assesses risk tolerance and opportunity costs as those elements pertain to the resolution of their legal issues. He also facilitates the finding of creative solutions to client disputes and identifies the tangible and intangible costs and risks associated with litigation.

Choosing the right firm is a crucial step in resolving your dispute. The best attorney is one who can effectively assist you in gaining perspective on the dynamics of your case and present alternatives to litigation.  We have the creativity and tenacity necessary to bring the case to trial if alternative resolution proves impossible.


Our Approach

Litigation is about the application of pressure — it is either being applied by you or thrust upon you. Constant pressure partnered with tenacity gets cases settled or resolved at trial.

Our goal is prompt dispute resolution. We fully engage our clients in the litigation process by keeping them completely involved in the preparation of their cases.   We do not charge our clients for in-house copies, faxes, long distance or online research. Those items are our overhead, not yours.


Setting Your Sights On The Right Attorney For You

Litigation is generally a stressful experience and exceptional communication between attorney and client is essential.  Choosing the right attorney for your case is a very personal matter. It is imperative that the attorney and client have the ability to communicate clearly and candidly.

Case Analysis – Step By Step

The analysis and screening of every case is crucial to our goal of providing exceptional legal counsel.

Analysis of each potential case will include the following:

  • Initial Case Screening – Do we have the expertise to advise you on your legal issues?
    • Factual Investigation – The substantive facts are gathered through a review of documents, and interviews with clients and witnesses.
    • Legal Analysis – Not every wrongful act has a legal remedy. Does the law support your claims or defenses?
    • Strategy Options Analysis – Discussion of dispute resolution strategies and cost vs. benefit analyses (i.e. the $5,000 solution to the $3,000 problem is no solution at all).
  • Attorney/Client Team – Are we interested in forming an Attorney/Client Team in an effort to accomplish your goals?
  • Negotiation of Representation Terms – Our most common billing practice is an hourly fee. However, in some cases, hybrid (partial hourly and partial contingent fee) or contingent fee (attorney’s fee dependent upon recovery) may also be available.